June 19, 2018
PHP is Broken

This is not another “PHP Sucks” article

Pretty much every week there’s a new article trending in HackerNews with someone’s rants on PHP . Some are well formulated and well-grounded while others are just vague texts with no real arguments, just basically saying “PHP is broken” without any strong reasons, alternatives or solutions. I’ve been working with web development and mainly PHP...
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The Significance of Anchor Textual content in backlinks

Significance of anchor textual content. The significance of anchor textual content with respect to a linking technique can’t be overstated. Again-links are an enormous a part of the search engine algorithm. When initiating a linking marketing campaign, it’s vital that exterior websites hyperlink utilizing the suitable key phrases and phrases within the anchor textual content. Nearly all the...
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absolute links vs relative links seo

Absolute Links vs Relative Links in SEO

Absolute links vs Relative links SEO The controversy between absolute links vs relative links continues to stay on within the web optimization world. The person significance of every has been contested, however it’s broadly regarded that absolute hyperlinks present higher web optimization worth on the entire than relative hyperlinks. Many imagine that absolute hyperlinks have much less...
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Incorporation of Firm Branding and Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation will not be an actual science. This turns into obvious when making an attempt to include each search engine optimisation and branding into a method. This course of is finicky to say the least. On the one aspect, search engine optimisation offers with the location of key phrases and phrases. On the opposite aspect,...
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Strategic Use Photographs SEO- Rank photography website.

Strategic Use of Photographs in SEO

Strategic Use of Photographs SEO- When assessing web page construction and structure, there’s a refined, but strategic manner to make use of photos in a Search engine optimisation-friendly method (past ALT tags) that improves your search rank whereas permitting you to combine the required advertising message(s). Confused? Let’s take a look at an instance: Suppose you use a...
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