Absolute Links vs Relative Links in SEO

absolute links vs relative links seo

Absolute links vs Relative links SEO

The controversy between absolute links vs relative links continues to stay on within the web optimization world. The person significance of every has been contested, however it’s broadly regarded that absolute hyperlinks present higher web optimization worth on the entire than relative hyperlinks.

Many imagine that absolute hyperlinks have much less potential for getting tousled when search engines like google and yahoo index your web page. It shouldn’t actually make a distinction, however many conclude that that is purpose sufficient.

Moreover, content material scrapers and RSS providers might ‘re-purpose’ your content material legitimately (or not). In both case, shouldn’t a correct back-link be attributed to your web site? This case favours absolute hyperlinks. Though it is a minor argument, it’s nonetheless price contemplating.


Absolute Links- These links are complete domain without any page indication.


or www.google.com directly without http

Relative links- These links indicate a page/folder with or without domain address.


https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url (link to folder)
or www.google.com/page.html ( link to page)

There are lot of more article related to Absolute links and Relative Links will get on other website but on few blogs will find that with http://www  is absolute


  and without http://www  is relative but this is not actual.


Please share your comments if you can describe more about the absolute and relative links.

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